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DEBO Held Karaoke Season One Ceremoniously

Date:2014/11/26 Label:[Recreational activities] Access statistics:3157

All the staff got together for DEBO’s ’Love Debo,Pursuit Excellent’” Karaoke Season one on 22th November 2014.Deputy General Manager Mr Liu Zhongfa and other seven were to be the game judges.This game was divided into preliminaries, semi and final, three stages.All the competitor were selected strictly.They tried their best to show their advantages.15 competitors were into final after last two round. Every competitors were strong performer.Atmosphere was active.With the Mr Hou Wei who worked in product dept won after the contestants intense competition, the company leadership issued honorary certificates and bonuses for top three.
The Karaoke competition is the platform for DEBO staff to show themselves,enriched DEBO enterprise culture, increase the communication between the employees, found the singing talent, showing DEBO staff's literary style.