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Pingxiang DEBO Technology co., LTD 10th Anniversary Celebration

Date:2015/12/1 Label:[Enterprise News] Access statistics:4213

 十年历程 感恩同行 携手成长 双赢与共


Pingxiang DEBO Technology co., LTD was held 10th Anniversary Celebration in Pingxiang NO.1 Residence On November 27, 2015. Relevant government leadership, brother's enterprise unit,DEBO’s top leadership, middle cadres' families and all the staff ttend this activity.More than 390 people gathered together for celebrate Pingxiang DEBO Technology co., LTD ten years old birthday .
• With the cheerful song and dance "good start" started 10th Anniversary Celebration at 15:00 PM.DEBO’s Chairman & General Manager Mr Yang Qiqing announce warm congratulations, review DEBO 10 years development, fully affirmed the operation and management, team building, technical innovation and marketing proud achievement of DEBO,prospects the future development prospects with fully passion.With all staff efforts,DEBO had today’s achievements.With all staff's hard work,Debo had today's development. We trully believe that no pay no gain.DEBO’s top leadership wore a red flower and commemorate the gifts for staffs who works for DEBO 10 years. At the same time,leaders called on all staff should learn from the "old staff",.They hope everyone to unite, continue to carry forward the enterprising spirit, strive for DEBO’s vision”To be the first-class global turbocharger partsenterprise".
The event was organized by DEBO’s employees.With distinct themes, rich content,variety forms shows;Many show originality comes from the employee's daily work and life,touching, the scene atmosphere was cheerful.Several shows like elocnte "10 years DEBO, 10 years brilliant", opusculum "triumphant" ,drama "the pursuit of happiness"presented a activities.Through this activity, fully demonstrated the versatility.DEBO man was praised for the sailing ambition,vigorously carry forward DEBO’s “To be Generous,To be Enterprising” spirit, fully embodies the new atmosphere of the corporate culture.Happiness time always short!A successful ending had have with the high-level management personnel singing the song "tomorrow will be better" .
This is a joyous event, not only shows all the DEBO's positive youth style, but also enrich the company's enterprise.culture.Filled with gratitude in our heart, say goodbye to the past , loaded with hope, longing company new brilliance together.